Written by Phil Clark   
Sunday, 04 October 2009 03:03

Planting: Dahlias should not be planted until all danger of frost is passed.  The exact time varies with the locality.  Too early planting may result in the tuber rotting in the ground.

Check your soil for proper moisture, it is better to plant when the soil is slightly moist.

Place stakes where the tubers are to be planted, labeling them with the name of the dahlia being planted.

Remove about five inches of soil; place the tuber flat with the eye facing upward, about one-two inches from the stake.  Cover the tuber with soil; it should be about five inches below the ground.  The tubers should be planted shallower  (three-four) inches in heavy soil.


WATERING: Do not water immediately after planting.  Too much water at this time can cause tuber rot.  When the sprouts begin breaking ground, start watering.  Normal soil should have a thorough soaking once a week.  The soil should not be allowed to dry out during the blooming season.

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